Thrifty Apps You’ll Love

One of the greatest places to get hooked up with great deals is in your pocket. Your Smartphone. If you don’t have one, get one. Apps like gas buddy a red laser are great ways to find good deals around your area. Gas Buddy uses your location to collect the prices of all of the gas stations around you to save you a couple bucks at the pump. Red Laser is an app that uses your camera to scan the bar code on a product. Once it recognizes what it is, it does kind of the same thing that Gas Buddy does, it collects all of the prices of that product in every store, showing you where you can get the best price. Two other powerhouse money-saving apps are FourSquare and Vouchercloud. Vouchercloud is an app that sorts deals by categories and lets you pick what you want to get a deal on, like pizza or a movie. It is really more of a good way to get customers in to fill tables on an empty weekday but it is a great way to save money too. Now one of my favorite Apps to date is FourSquare. Have you ever tried the Queso dip at Qudoba? Well if you haven’t its amazing and you need to try it! Only catch, it’s so expensive!! But now with the FourSquare app you can check in when you are walking in and you will get a code that gives you free chips and Queso (with purchase of entrée). It is an awesome deal. So download the app and get some free food!


It’s the Greatest Time of Year!

With the holidays quickly approaching and Black Friday and Cyber Monday all done don’t lose hope, there are still ways to save a few bucks and get everyone you love some great presents. One of the best Christmas presents that a person can get it one from the heart. if you are honestly creative enough to make everyone a special present you have a gift. But if you are a normal, lazy person who doesn’t want to spend time actually making presents but you want the credit, there are a few sneaky ways to pull off a homemade present. The trick is having someone do it for you, and these people live right in your community. This coming Thursday the lovely town of Richland will be hosting the annual Christmas tradition, Wassailing. Although Richland’s Wassalling doesn’t hold true to its real meaning where you either go to houses and carol or go to the orchard and recite incantations to promote good harvest ( yeah I thought that was pretty creepy too). Wassasling is a great place to score some pretty nice homemade presents for the family a pretty good price. Another place is at the Holiday Arts and Crafts show at Wings Stadium this weekend. This is probably one of the best places to get the greatest homemade presents, a huge plus is that admission and parking are free. This craft show is so big that it takes up all three arenas in the stadium. You can get virtually anything at this place. There are vendors that offer anything from sports memorabilia to fudge. So if you are looking to score some great heart warming gifts, look to your local community to receive some great deals. Happy Hunting! ~Osez Le Rêve

Operation Black Friday 2012

This year Black Friday started early. Many stores opened on Thursday evening compared to 12-2 a.m in previous years. In this Black Friday Fight you can see the people at Wal-Mart crowded around a stand with what looks like cell phones. I do not know the brand or how much was saved but obviously it was a big deal because at around 1:10 you can see one woman bite a man’s arm. When the dust settled and the numbers came in the surprise winner was none other than American Eagle Outfitters, whose foot traffic was up 4.86% based on a comparison to a normal day. Wal-Mart and Target did not even make the top twenty. The biggest product was the video game “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2”. One Portage man, James Snider, camped out in a 10 person tent starting Tuesday night. Although the extreme shopping techniques that come with the Black Friday are appealing to some, I choose to lay on the couch watching the traditional Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving football game. Some place where the only fighting I am doing is with my family; over who gets the last piece of the pumpkin pie. With all the pushing, screaming, and endless lines I just get too bored and restless. Sometimes the best deals during Black Friday are not the greatest and really persuade you to buy more and in turn spend more. The thrill of the event is what drives many people to the stores and gives them the rush to overspend on products that they won’t even use, just for the love of the “sport”. ~Osez Le Rêve


My first post is about Pintrest because it is one of my favorite sites to find cool stuff. Pintrest is a picture based social media site, where you can create categories where you post called boards. Once you find a picture you like and want to save you click Re-Pin and you pin the picture to one of your boards. Pintrest was started in December of 2009 by a man named Ben Silberman. In the beginning when Pintrest first started it was invitation only, now it is more accessible and signing up is so easy. After you sign up you can pick categories that interest you. Some of the categories are; DIY & Crafts, Women’s Fashion, Quotes, Science & Nature, Travel, Photography, Food & Drink, Sports, and Humor. There are many more categories and they all have very unique pictures. There are many tricks that you can find on Pintrest to do just about anything. here is a link to the DIY part of Pintrest. You can find anything here from sewing your own shirt to making homemade chalkboard paint. On of the most helpful things I have ever found on Pintrest is a secret every Target Shopper should know. Check it out! Crazy right!?! I will always pay attention to a price tag from now on. So as you can see you can even find some great deals on your favorite social media sites. Pintrest is where I waste most of my after school hours, I am more addicted to it than the guys playing the new Call of Duty game. So when you visit the site, be careful! It will suck you in. ~Osez Le Rêve

About Me

Hello! My name is Kayla. I am a senior at Gull Lake. I am a shop-aholic and can spend insane amounts of money at any time. Once I start shopping I can’t stop. Knowing that soon, I will have more expenses than gas for my car, has not slowed my addiction down a bit. I just got smarter. I started paying more attention to the deals rather than just seeing something I liked and buying it regardless of the price. Know that I have honed in on these skills and found ways to get the steals that make you grin, I am all about finding you the best deals in our community. As teenagers we are faced with the realization that we are going to have to start paying for things like college, cars, and apartments. Even though we take this into consideration, we still want to hangout with friends and spend money without worrying about how it will affect us. There are many great ways in our community to look and feel like a million bucks without actually spending that much. The Hunt will give you so many opportunities to get some great steals and deals without emptying your bank account. Saving money is hard and not fun at all. Being able to do whatever you want whenever you want without any worry is what we teenagers are ment to do. There will come a day where unfortunately we will have to grow up, so while we are young, lets live it up. ~Osez Le Rêve